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The Truck Wash of Texas is one of the only fully automatic Truck Washes in Andrews, Texas. The property sits on 2.54 Acres, the truck wash has a one bay that is 100 feet long, which we will look to expand in the near future as we increase production and implement other services such as washouts. The wash is touchless and thorough, as it takes a truck under three minutes to drive through where the average truck wash takes over ten minutes.

The truck wash is currently doing about 1100 washes a week which is a very small piece of the drive by traffic, and over 85% of its business is subscription based. To increase revenues we will implement a simple marketing campaign to all the local oil and gas companies and trucking companies on the main corridor as well as the two major truck stops Loves and Pilot which has recently opened up 1/4 mile down the road from the property.

We are buying the property in cash. Once interest rates settle down we will look to refinance equity back to the investors to minimize risk and look to build out a second location. This is going to be a great opportunity that will cash flow on average of 10.4% and we expect to see roughly a 2.2 multiple on the project over 3 years.

Near Two Major Truck Stops

Located off of Highway 385 nearby well-known Love’s Truck Stop and Pilot Travel Center

Located In Permian Basin
Subscription Model

Watch Ken discuss his background and investment philosophy in this video.

Andrews Truck Wash

The Andrews Texas Truck Wash is a touch-free automatic Truck Wash located off Highway 385 in Andrews, Texas.

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Preferred Return: 10.4%
Targeted Equity Multiple: 2.2x
Targeted IRR: 33%
Targeted Investment Period: 3 Years
Property Type: Business



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